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Lis Buena Maria

With colors and new compositions I want to reinterpret what I have seen…perhaps to turn it upside down until it corresponds to a new angle of sight…to express everything in a new way… and this freedom is probably my inspiration and my motivation…

My eyes see unexpected things…but at the same time I see them with my feelings…my camera enables me to see them later from a different perspective…this helps me to perceive what I have seen from that new point of view…to give the picture, by editing it according to my memories, a new expression…a new

Kind of Colors

The photographs then are transformed into a new context…new feelings and new perceptions emerge! My camera is a tool in a broader sense…my computer is both…paint and canvas at the same time…this transformation in line with my memories thus create the subsequent new expression…the change is pushed forward until it looks the way I felt when I saw it before…

Dare to Express

I am often asked whether I would call myself a painter or rather a photographer… I cannot answer this question myself…but I know that I perceive my surroundings with different eyes…with different feelings…and my passion helps me later to form the images…irrelevant of whether they have been painted or photographed…it is all about passion…

Dear customer

I would like to express my gratitude for your interest in my creative work for my photography and my paintings and I am delighted to introduce it to you.

I can assure you that I work with one of the best and most ultra-modern photo laboratories, which enables and also assures me of excellent image quality and color reproduction. I prefer to have my pictures printed on Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish®, because this technique and material gives my work a slight shimmer and the soft light complements it magically! For a long time, I have been searching for such a material, until I came across this one by chance a few years ago. In addition, this new technique weighs less and makes it easy to mount. The matt aluminum gives the motifs a calm appearance, also because no glass is required to protect it. The pictures can be framed either with a wooden or a metal frame and thus, according on the motif, makes a perfect and individual picture for your home.

Depending on where you would prefer to place it in relation to the furnishings in your home, I can recommend you also a circular, hexagonal or an octagonal shape, which can be as beautiful as well as highly decorative. Other possibilities and popular too are wide, dark brown wooden frames, with a brushed platinum profile. If the image is requested with a white passe-partout, a museum glass screen in front is recommended. All pictures are signed and all of them are limited edition.

For the portraits I prefer to work with photos that are made available to me. First I make a few sketches before I paint the definitive picture according to your choice.

Looking forward very much for your interest and enquiry. 

With pleasure,

Lis Buena Maria

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